Artist Olga Kvasova / Information

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Artist Olga Kvasova / Information

Artist Olga Kvasova (in the other transcription - Olga Kvassova) is mainly active in acrylic and oil paint techniques. Her favorite themes are landscapes, flowers, portraits and decorative compositions. The artist makes her compositions mainly with elements of surrealism and magical realism, and her landscapes and flowers are mainly made in impressionistic style. Impressionism attracts her because she believes that it offers the possibility to create lively, non-photographic images.

Foto van Olga Kvassova

In her art the light and colorful sides, but also the darker sides of life are reflected. The artist is of the opinion that it is important not to blindly follow modern art movements, but above all to remain faithful to her personal and artistic preferences. Although Olga Kvasova originally comes from Russia, she has lived and worked for many years in the Netherlands and some times in Germany, where her studio is located. The main discipline of the artist is traditional painting techniques, she also works in the field of computer graphics. O. Kvasova has completed the art education at Moscow University of Arts and Industrial Design (named after Stroganov). She is a member of the professional Professional Association of Moscow artists (MOSH). The artist considers the whole world as her home. She loves the saying "Where I lay my hat, there is my home", which also, according to her, describes her own personal character and attitude of life. That is why, with a lot of feeling, she creates work during her travels.


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